What you’ll learn in


Beginner-friendly, safe fun fitness and self-defense for teens and adults in Cooper City & Davie FL.


Hapkido is a Korean martial art best known for utilizing joint manipulation and locks to escape from grabs and defend against an attacker. It also teaches a variety of kicks and strikes to provide the practitioner with a wide and varied toolset for self-defense. Our program combines these traditional aspects of Hapkido with effective kicking and striking found in boxing, kickboxing and mma training.

The class starts with a traditional bow to greet instructors and students. The first 10 minutes or so are spent warming up and stretching. We then practice some traditional deep breathing techniques found in hapkido then start working on kicks and striking. For the second half we move into joint lock techniques practiced against grabs, holds, punches and kicks. We like to finish with some strength and fitness training with pushups, squats and other drills. A nice stretch at the end of class is also a great way to finish and improve the student’s flexibility. We bow and say goodnight until the next class.


What You Lean in Our Hapkido Program

  • Effective striking with punches, palm strikes and more
  • Powerful low kicks and high kicks
  • Striking using knees and elbows
  • How to block, parry or avoid kicks and punches
  • To roll and fall safely
  • To escape from grabs, holds and chokes
  • Joint locks (and breaks) to stop and/or control an attacker
  • How to sweep and throw an opponent
  • Pressure point striking
  • Weapons training
  • Self-defense
  • Improve your strength and fitness


Benefits of Hapkido Training 

  • Confidence and mental toughness
  • Improved fitness
  • Better health
  • Weight loss
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • More energy through the day
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress


Since 1991

Professional Black Belt Instructors

We offer Hapkido Self-Defense Training for men, women and teens. To get started we invite you to visit our studio and try a couple free classes and see if you like our program and instructors. Click the button below to register or call us at 954-680-0249 between 1pm and 7pm Monday through Friday.

Our school is located in the Cooper City Plaza on the corner of Griffin Road and Palm Ave. (Nob Hill Rd) by the Dunkin Donuts, which is just a few minutes drive from anywhere in Davie.