Every year during Broward County Schools’ Spring Break we prepare to host our Life Skills Martial Arts Spring Camp for boys and girls in the Davie and Cooper City FL area. Our spring camp is an opportunity for current students to have a fun and safe place to spend their day along-side other students which they know and regularly train with. For new students this is a great chance to tryout martial arts for the first time and see if they would like to continue training and working to one day become black belts in Taekwondo.

We start the day by welcoming students as they arrive in the morning. Kids usually bring a toy or electronic device to keep busy during this first hour of the day. Next, we meet in the training area to discuss the day’s activities and to have our mat chat. We select a topic from the Behavior Chart such as RESPECT or FOCUS and discuss examples on how to achieve or follow these life skills.

The morning chat is followed by some fitness training and stretching. Then we will practice some kicks or other techniques a little different from how they are normally done in class. A little more fun and relaxed so they can enjoy the work on their week off. Finally, we finish with some games and fitness challenge the kids enjoy. We break for lunch and then repeat the training session afterwards. The afternoon training is followed by game and fun sessions, breaks, snack time and a movie towards the end of the day. In short, we make sure students are kept busy, entertained, learning and having fun!

Students participating in the program just need to wear some comfortable active clothing, Bring water, lunch and 2 snacks. Electronic devices are allowed, and we will have set times when they can use those.

Every student needs to wear a mask at all times while in our facility. We will check their temperature upon arrival and before they leave. We will regularly work to clean and disinfect areas before and after use and practice regular hand washing and disinfecting through the day.

Parents and visitors must stay in the lobby area and not enter past the front counter to help with social distancing. Students with a high temperature or with flu like symptoms will not be allowed to participate for the day. If these develop while they are here, we will promptly separate them and call parents to pick them up right away.

We have been operating safely and without incidents since stablishing these procedures. We ask for your patience and cooperation in following them and helping all of us to stay safe.

However, rest assured that even with restrictions we will make sure each student has the best time learning and training with us here at Grand Master Baez Martial Arts.