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Hapkido is a Korean martial art from the 1940s, which combines Aiki-jujutsu locks and techniques, with Korean striking and kicking techniques like those of taekwondo.

Hapkido techniques are very effective, making them popular among law enforcement, military and private security organizations throughout the world.

The Hapkido practitioner learns to redirect an attack, allowing him or her to use the opponent’s power against himself, leading to their defeat. Hapkido seeks to be a comprehensive fighting style. It maintains a wide range of tactics for striking, standing joint locks and pinning techniques. Through the use of pressure on certain skeletal joints and pressure points, very little strength is needed to overcome the opponent.

Typical Hapkido training includes striking techniques, joint locks, pressure point striking, break falling, meditation, stretching and breathing exercises.

There are three basic concepts that form the very heart of Hapkido.

1)         Nonresistance (“Hwa”)

2)         Circular Motion (“Won”)

3)         The Water Principle (“Yu”)

Hwa, or nonresistance, is simply the act of remaining relaxed and not directly opposing an opponent’s strength. So, if an opponent pushes against a your chest, instead of resisting, you would move in the same direction as the push using the opponent’s forward momentum against them.

Won, the circular principle, is a concept to gain momentum to execute a Hapkido technique in a natural and free-flowing way. If an opponent attacks in a linear motion, as in a punch, you would redirect the opponent’s force by simply leading the attack in a circular pattern, thereby adding the attacker’s power to his own. Then, you can execute any number of techniques to incapacitate the attacker.

Yu, the water principle, can be seen in the quiet, direct strength of free-flowing water. When you touch water, it is soft; you don’t feel anything. But, as you know, water can turn huge turbines, or cut through solid rock to form great canyons. When water flows down stream and meets a rock, instead of crashing into it, it simply goes around.

Grandmaster Daniel Baez has been teaching martial arts to children and their families here in Broward county Florida for over 20 years.  We are conveniently located in Cooper City, in the corner of Palm Ave. and Griffin Rd., allowing easy access from surrounding cities like Pembroke Pines, Ft. Lauderdale, Weston, Sunrise, Davie, South West Ranches and Plantation.

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