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Parents are always amazed at how fast their children develop more respect, manners, and self control at home after taking a kids karate class. “Where did this come from?” they wonder. The answer is simple – children learn to have a better attitude and better manners in their karate school and this also transfers over to home life. Many good martial arts schools will include homework in their curriculum to help students work on
Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 self discipline outside the karate school, but even if homework assignments are not a part of the curriculum a good karate program will teach children to be more respectful, take responsibility for themselves, and have personal pride.


Using “Sir” and “Ma’am”

There are many ways that karate lessons for kids teach respect. The first way is through the language that is used in a martial arts studio. Students will refer to each other and to their Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 instructors as “sir” or “ma’am.” First names are rarely used, instead students and instructors go by last name and title, for example, Mr. Brown or Ms. Jones. This instills a sense of respect for everyone in the class, regardless of age or belt rank.

Eye Contact

Karate classes also teach children to be respectful by showing them how to communicate. Kids learn to make eye contact with someone who is speaking to them or when they
Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 are speaking, rather than looking away and not paying attention.

Honoring Rules

Students in a martial arts school are required to follow the rules of the dojo in order to take classes there. These rules could be as simple as bowing at the front door, checking in for class, and being on time. This teaches them to be respectful of rules that are in place outside the karate school as well, such as following rules at Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 home, at school, or somewhere else like a public library or museum.

Doing Things the First Time They Are Asked

In addition to following rules, children in a karate program are also expected to follow directions. If they do not follow instructions they will often be asked to sit out for the safety of themselves and others. This teaches children that it is important to do things they first time they are asked, and they will Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 begin to follow instructions better at home and at school too.


Being on Time to Class

Karate programs for kids teach responsibility in several ways. One way is through punctuality. Children are taught that they need to be on time to class (as much as it is in their control). When they arrive their job is to make sure that they are ready to begin class, are on the floor in their spot, and are checked Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 in for class in a timely manner. They learn to be responsible for themselves.

Homework assignments

If a karate program includes homework assignments in their curriculum then children will learn responsibility for themselves in this way as well. They are taught that completing and turning in their homework assignments on time is their responsibility, not the responsibility of a parent or sibling. If their homework is not completed or handed in on time then they are Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 held responsible. This of course directly correlates to children learning to be more responsible for assignments they receive at home and at school as well.

Practicing at Home

One other way that kids karate classes teach responsibility is through children practicing at home. They learn that in order to reach their goals, pass their tests, and earn their next karate belt, they need to practice at home. They learn that they are personally responsible for their Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 own progress in the program.

Personal Pride

Taking Care of Their Body

Kids learn how to take care of their body in karate classes. They learn how to prevent injuries through proper stretching before and after class, they learn how to properly exercise their bodies, and they learn that it is important to keep their body clean. As they begin to take better care of themselves, kids also learn to have more pride in themselves.

Taking Care of Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 Their Uniform

Another way that karate classes teach personal pride is through teaching children to care for their appearance. When they come to class their karate uniform needs to be cleaned, their belt needs to be tied properly, their shirt should be tucked in, their fingernails and toenails trimmed, and if they have long hair it should be up out of their face. This teaches children to take pride in their personal appearance.

In Conclusion

As children Karate Schools Near Me in Davie FL 33314 learn the values of respect, responsibility, and personal pride in their karate class they also begin to demonstrate these attributes at home. It is not really that surprising then that kids in martial arts develop better manners and attitudes when they are asked to do things outside of their karate class.


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