Martial Arts & Fitness for Adults in Cooper City

Taekwondo • Hapkido • Gumdo

Get in the best shape of your life with martial arts training!
Please call today and take advantage of our current promotion: 4 weeks of lessons + Uniform for $49.

Our martial arts program is perfect for anyone looking to make a positive and healthy change in their lives. Our classes are designed to challenge you, get you in shape and teach you skills in a fun, safe, and motivating atmosphere full of like-minded individuals from your community.

  • Get in great shape
  • Lose weight
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Reduce stress
  • Never boring like what most people experience when joining a gym
  • Self-defense (Learn more about our Hapkido program)
  • Learn Olympic style sparring
  • Safe, professional instructions

Grand Master Daniel Baez has been teaching right here in Cooper City for over 20 years. Every class is taught by Kukkiwon certified masters and instructors.

Master Baez Martial Arts
9450 Griffin Rd
Cooper City, FL 33328