Live online martial arts training

Online Program

Children Ages 4+

A great way for your child to release some of that crazy energy while improving their focus, respect and listening skills.

Life Skills

Martial arts is a powerful tool to help develop strong and confident leaders. Hundreds of our parents can’t believe the incredible transformation.


We teach by building up students in order to have a positive impact on their confidence. This way they can develop a positive self-image.

For The Whole Family

We have age specific classes and family classes available for everyone to benefit from this training. Improved fitness, strength, flexibility, energy and more. It can also be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety during these tough times.

1-Week Pass

This 1-Week Free Pass is for those that want to learn try out a martial arts program to stay active and in shape while staying at home.

1-Week Free Pass

For the whole family

Safe Fun Fitness

Martial arts training is a fantastic tool for children to learn many valuable skills beyond kicking and punching. Our students practice listening skills, following directions the first time, goal setting and facing then conquering different challenges. Most of all they often develop a positive self-image and  a “Yes I Can” attitude.

Respect & Focus

Martial arts are a perfect way for children to learn and improve their attitude and respect toward others, as well as their focus. Try a free week today!


Taekwondo training builds confidence in children through the challenges of class and the goals they set and achieve. Learn more.

 Listening Skills

Need your kids to listen and follow directions the first time? We can help with that! Try a week on us



It was the best time we had since the beginning of this quarantine!
Sofia M.

Thank you so much we really needed this!

Chris L.

Is the training safe for children?

Yes. We have been teaching for nearly 30 years in Cooper City and know how to conduct classes in a fun and safe way.

Are the classes separated by age?

We have age-specific classes as well as family class. Take a look at the official schedule for online  classes. As we get more students we will work to add training options.

Will martial arts make my child aggressive?

Not a chance. From day one, we teach students to respect others, use common sense and conflict resolution. Their skills and must only be used to keep from being harmed.

How often should my child attend class?

Students should attend the online classes at least twice a week.

Are there long membership commitments?

We offer month-to-month membership as well as on longer plans with savings to you.

What equipment & where will they train?

Once you enroll you will need a uniform to wear during classes. Also please make sure you have a safe space at home with no furniture, smalll children or pets nearby that might cause students to fall. A nonslippery surface area is recommended, and if you have yoga mats, you can use those as well.

Can other family memers take the class?

Yes. We have options for individual students and the whole family. Register and you will get all the information before enrolling.

I’m ready to try it, how do I get started?

To start we recommend you come in and take our free 2-class intro. We normalyy do those Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm. Contact us to schedule it.


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