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Grand Master Daniel Baez 9th Dan

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The martial arts program for the whole family offers a unique opportunity to strengthen the family in various aspects. Firstly, by participating in these activities together, it promotes physical activity within the family, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and preventing sedentary-related diseases. Additionally, martial arts foster effective communication and teamwork, enhancing family bonds and improving relationships among its members. Moreover, by teaching discipline, respect, and self-control, martial arts provide the family with tools to resolve conflicts peacefully and constructively. Lastly, the program helps develop self-confidence and self-esteem for each family member, which in turn, has a positive impact on other aspects of their lives. In summary, practicing martial arts as a family offers an enriching experience that promotes physical, emotional, and relational well-being for everyone involved.

Welcome to the Girl’s Karate/Beauty Summer Camp in Cooper City, Florida! This exciting event is perfect for young girls who want to learn the art of karate while also enjoying some beauty tips and tricks. Starting on Monday, Jun 12, 2023 at 8:00 AM EDT, this in-person camp will be held at 9450 Griffin Road, Cooper City, FL 33328. For registration and more information, please visit our event website or contact us at (954) 588-9927.

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Our after-school Martial Arts and Life Skills for Beginners program is designed for children and young adults who are new to martial arts and want to learn basic self-defense techniques, improve their physical fitness, and develop important life skills such as discipline, focus. and trust.

Our program is structured in a way that allows students to progress at their own pace and encourages them to set and achieve their personal goals. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention and guidance to help students feel comfortable and confident in their training.

In addition to martial arts training, our after school program also includes fun activities. We strive to create a positive and supportive environment where students can learn and grow both physically and mentally.

Our after-school Martial Arts and Life Skills for Beginners program is a great way for students to develop a healthy lifestyle, make new friends, and learn valuable skills that will benefit them in their personal and academic lives.

After School Program

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Martial Arts Program

7-12 Yrs

Programs for Adults, Teens and

Children ages 4 and up.


What We Offer

Introducing Martial Arts for Children of All Ages (4-12 Years)

Martial arts can be an exceptional activity for children, offering numerous benefits regardless of their age. Engaging in martial arts can enhance fitness levels, coordination, and discipline, all while equipping children with essential self-defense skills. However, it’s crucial to consider the age group of your child when selecting a martial arts style, ensuring a perfect match. Extensive research and careful consideration will lead you to discover the ideal style that suits your child’s needs. Equally important is finding a trustworthy instructor and ensuring a safe and supportive training environment for children.

Beyond the physical advantages, martial arts can also significantly impact a child’s mental and emotional well-being in positive ways. Martial arts empower children, fostering self-confidence, focus, and self-esteem. It also teaches them valuable skills like setting and achieving goals. Through the disciplined and structured nature of martial arts training, children cultivate good habits and develop a strong work ethic.

Furthermore, martial arts training plays a pivotal role in developing essential social skills, such as teamwork and respect for others. Under the guidance of Grandmaster Daniel Baez, our martial arts program places a strong emphasis on teaching respect for others and the significance of community. These values provide children with an opportunity to learn and practice respect and cooperation.

Choosing a martial arts school that caters specifically to children is of utmost importance, as they employ teaching methods and training programs tailored to their needs. At our school, we offer a unique opportunity for your child to experience our classes with a complimentary two-week trial. This trial period allows you to assess if our environment is the right fit for your child’s growth and development.

In conclusion, martial arts can be a phenomenal activity for children of all ages, providing a comprehensive range of physical, mental, and social benefits. It is an investment in your child’s overall well-being and development.

Welcome to our After School Program for children ages 6-12.

Where we offer a unique Life Skills experience through martial arts training. Our program is carefully designed to instill discipline, respect, self-control, and self-confidence in young minds.

At our after-school program, children will have the opportunity to engage in a diverse range of martial arts classes, including taekwondo and hapkido. These classes are led by experienced instructors who are committed to nurturing children’s physical and mental abilities.

In addition to martial arts, we offer a variety of recreational activities to ensure that children stay entertained and have fun. From sports to engaging games, we provide an inclusive environment where kids can grow and thrive.

Our Life Skills after-school martial arts program offers more than just physical activity; it provides a safe and supportive space for children to learn and develop valuable life skills. Through our program, children can embrace an active lifestyle while building essential qualities that will benefit them in all areas of life.

We are confident that your child will enjoy being part of our program and experience positive transformations in both their physical and mental well-being. Join us today and give your child the opportunity to excel in a nurturing and empowering environment.

Discover the transformative power of Martial Arts for Adults & Teens

Unlock your full potential with life skills martial arts tailored for adults and teens. This unique practice goes beyond physical combat, offering a holistic approach to personal growth and empowerment. By combining practical self-defense techniques, physical fitness, and mental and emotional discipline, these martial arts programs equip individuals with invaluable tools for success in every facet of life.

Embarking on a journey of life skills martial arts yields numerous benefits that enhance various aspects of your life:

  1. Cultivate Confidence: As you progress through martial arts training, you develop unwavering self-assurance and elevated self-esteem. These qualities are vital in conquering challenges, seizing opportunities, and thriving in any endeavor.
  2. Harness Self-Discipline: Martial arts demand unwavering discipline and unwavering commitment. By embracing these principles within the training environment, you cultivate the ability to apply them in other spheres of life, such as work, school, and relationships, fostering personal growth and achieving long-term goals.
  3. Find Inner Balance: The physical and mental demands of martial arts training serve as a powerful stress-relieving outlet. Through focused training sessions, you can attain a harmonious state of mind, reduce stress levels, and enhance overall well-being. This balance contributes to increased resilience when facing the challenges of everyday life.
  4. Achieve Peak Physical Fitness: Engaging in martial arts is an exceptional way to attain optimal physical fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The training regimen incorporates dynamic movements, strength-building exercises, and cardiovascular conditioning, resulting in improved stamina, flexibility, and overall physical prowess.
  5. Empower Yourself with Self-Defense: Life skills martial arts empower individuals with practical self-defense techniques. By learning how to protect oneself in dangerous situations, you gain a heightened sense of personal safety and security, enhancing your confidence and peace of mind.

In essence, life skills martial arts for adults and teens provide a comprehensive approach to personal development, offering a path to unleash your full potential. Beyond physical combat, these programs nurture confidence, self-discipline, stress relief, physical fitness, and self-defense capabilities. By embracing martial arts as a way of life, you embark on a transformative journey that can profoundly impact every facet of your life.


Discover the incredible Life Skills Summer Camp Program at the renowned Master Baez Martial Arts, led by Grand Master Daniel Baez.

With over 50 years of experience teaching this discipline and an impressive track record of 30 years serving the Cooper City community, this camp is a unique opportunity for young individuals, ages 6-12, to acquire lifelong skills.

In the summer camp, we focus on the holistic development of participants, fostering a set of core values:

  1. Discipline: Through the practice of martial arts, campers will learn to follow instructions, stay focused on their goals, and develop a disciplined mindset to tackle life’s challenges.
  2. Respect: We value respect for others, instructors, and the environment. Campers will learn to treat others with courtesy, listen and value others’ opinions, and cultivate a sense of mutual respect.
  3. Self-Confidence: As campers develop martial arts skills and overcome challenges, they will gain self-confidence. We foster a supportive environment where each camper feels secure to face new challenges and grow in self-esteem.
  4. Teamwork: The importance of teamwork and collaboration is emphasized in the camp. Campers will learn effective communication, support one another, and work together to achieve common goals.
  5. Concentration: Through martial arts practice, campers will enhance their ability to concentrate and maintain mental focus. This will benefit them not only in their martial arts activities but also in their academic performance and other areas of life.
  6. Leadership: The development of leadership skills is encouraged in every camper. By learning decision-making and taking responsibility, participants acquire the necessary tools to lead in their communities and become positive role models.

At the Life Skills Summer Camp at Master Baez Martial Arts, we combine martial arts instruction with the promotion of these core values. Through a careful blend of learning, fun, and adventure, we provide campers, ages 6-12, with an enriching experience that prepares them to face life’s challenges and become confident and successful individuals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll your child, aged 6-12, in this unique camp! Let them discover their potential while immersing themselves in an environment that nurtures positive values and benefits from the knowledge and experience of Grand Master Daniel Baez, who has been a pillar in the Cooper City community for over three decades.

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We just moved to the area and needed a safe place for summer camp as I went back to the office full time. Our kids loved it and want to go back there. They learned a lot in just a few weeks and love TKD.

– Livia –

My son has been coming here for about three years now. His teachers have been amazing and he has grown so much since the first day. They are very positive and encouraging.

– Danielle –

My 3 children absolutely love this place, they have a great summer camp and after school program. The instructors and staff are excellent with the children. I recommend it for adults and children.

– Karen –